Аrchitectural rendering

Пятница, Сентябрь 26th, 2014

Аrchitectural Rendering

Looking at the country house drawing plan or sketch an outline of the facade of the cottage, the architect can easily imagine the beauty and grace of their own creation. Instead of fine lines, he sees wide hallways and spacious rooms, colored pencil shading seems for him beautiful decorative stucco siding or practical, and mysterious symbols and icons, in his view, show how well the communication and the life support systems built.
But how to tell all this splendor for customers, partners and investors? After all, it is clear that not everyone has such a perfect spatial imagination, and therefore simply can not mentally convert two-dimensional drawing into a three-dimensional image. And here comes to help architectural visualization — an incredibly intuitive and effective way to present your project in the most favorable light and a great assistant in the work of each architect and designer.
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